Colporteur Connection, Part 2

How to get involved in the colporteur ministry


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by Michael Prewitt


Why would a young person choose to be a colporteur? What’s it like that first time you try the colporteur ministry? How will you feel after a few hours of tramping from door to door?

We asked several young people to share their experiences. What they told us was touching and inspiring. We think you’ll be blessed as much as we were by their stories.

I lounged in front of the computer and browsed my E-mail. Just the usual, I thought. But wait! I noticed a name I didn’t recognize.

I read the E-mail and discovered an invitation to join a summer literature evangelism program in New Jersey!

"I am not interested!" I thought out loud. Inside my heart a quiet voice spoke. Katie, you should go. It would be a good experience for you!


I hurried to my room and shut the door. Lord, I can’t go! My dad would never let me!


The voice didn’t give up. How do you know your dad won’t let you go? Just ask him!


I threw up my hands. Fine! I’ll ask him. If he says I can go, I’ll go; but not unless he also pays for my airfare!


I plastered a smirk on my face and strolled out of my room. "Dad, you wouldn’t want me to go canvassing in New Jersey, would you?"

Dad straightened up from his computer. "Hmm. I think you should try it." Then he added the shocker: "I’ll pay for your ticket!"

My mouth fell open. How did he read my mind?


That was a quick answer to prayer! Even though I was scared, I knew God was leading me. How could I say no to that?

—Katie Baer


I was very skeptical about selling books. I had tried a few times before, but because of my nervousness at the door, I got discouraged and quit. Now I prayed for courage to overcome this fear. I had a friend who was even more afraid than I was about selling books. However, as we talked and prayed together we became convinced that the Lord would give us strength.

Before we went out, we prayed that the Lord would give us the exact words to best represent Him, and that the Holy Spirit would impress each heart. We continued to pray before knocking on each door. Then, while one of us gave the canvass, the other would silently pray. The Lord opened up the storehouses of Heaven! Each time we went out together, God gave us special experiences! In just a few days we were both so excited you would never have known that so soon before we had been petrified to even knock on a door. Prayer truly has amazing power!

—June Woolcock


I wanted to share the gospel with people in need of help. However, the thing which bothered me was my language problem: I couldn’t speak good English. But before I went out to do colporteur work, I asked God to give me faith and an understanding of English. I memorized the way to start the canvass. I thought this would be enough to sell the books.

The first day I went out, I pushed the doorbell and a woman came out. I started the canvass I had memorized. After I had finished, the lady asked me some questions. I just stood there and didn’t know how to reply! Thank God, my partner continued the conversation!

I was quite discouraged. That night, I prayed very hard and asked God to strengthen my faith. The next time I went out, I claimed His promises, and went with a song in my heart. At the first house, I felt that God was speaking through me, and we spent 20 minutes in that home. I felt like I was speaking my native language—Chinese!

As I think of how God has led me through every difficulty, I have no worries about tomorrow. Nothing will happen that God and I cannot handle!

—David Fam





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