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Benefits of Colporteuring

• Develops character
• Enhances prayer and devotional life
• Enables you to see God working through miracles

• Enables you to share your faith
• Improves social relations
• Increases love for souls

• Develops perseverance
• Develops communication skills
• Develops self-discipline
• Develops leadership skills

• Provides pocket money

Colporteur Canvass

Hi, my name is______. I'm working on a special project and instead of junk food and trinkets, we decided to provide you with something more lasting. (Smile! Hand them the cookbook.)

Choices offers you the latest information on healthful cooking. Each meal takes 30 minutes or less to prepare, and promotes the low-fat, low cholesterol diet recommended by the American Heart and Cancer Societies. The best part is that they taste great too!

Additional information:
• 141 recipes.
• 20 international dinners.
• Less than 30 minutes to prepare each meal
• Shows pictures of what recipes should look like.
• Coupons in the back. (Get your money back).
• Nutritional analysis in the back.

Ask: Do you like to read?

If yes:
The Great Controversy
(hand them the book), tells how prophecy is being fulfilled. It answers the question of why a God of love would allow sin and suffering. It has helped thousands understand and enjoy the book of Revelation.

Additional information:
• It goes into the occult explosion.
• It answers questions like "Will church and state unite?" and "What is the Mark of the Beast?"
• It shows how Jesus is coming soon.
• It proves from a historical standpoint that the Bible is true.

If no:
God's Answers
(hand them the book), helps answer everyday questions about the Bible. The questions are in bold print and the answers in fine print. It helps answer questions like "Why would a God of love allow sin and suffering?"; "What happens after I die?"; and "Is there a hell?"

Additional information:
• It was put together by over 30 different scholars.
• There are 24 different topics.
• It is a great reference material.
• It uses King James Version of the Bible, almost always.

Ask: Do you have any children?

If yes:
This Story Book (hand them the book) has true-to-life stories that teach moral lessons. There is a "parent-saver" in the front called a Lesson Index. (Turn to lesson index.) These stories help with problems like disobedience, rebellion, and overconfidence.

Additional information:
• The FBI has found that character-building stories decrease the crime rate in children.
• The beautiful illustrations make the stories come alive.

My Friend Jesus is a great one for pre-schoolers. It has beautiful, full page pictures and it is all in rhyme, rhythm, and repetition.

Additional information:
• It is great to use as a beginner reader.
• There are activity pages at the end of each story.

For elderly people:
Peace Above the Storm
(hand them the book) is a beautiful devotional which was given to the soldiers during World War II. It shows how we can have the peace that lifts us above worry, guilt, and fear. It is a beautiful stress reliever or pick-me-up when you're feeling down.

Additional information:
• The book contains beautiful pictures.
• It has large print so it's easier to read.

He Taught Love is a beautiful devotional book on the parables of Christ. It has helped many to deal with the stresses and problems of life.

Additional information:
• Easy to read, large print.
• It shows where you can follow along in the Bible at the beginning of each chapter.

Drop down (when they are not interested)

Happiness Digest
We want to leave something in each home. This is a little stress buster and pick-me-up on a rainy day. They said that we could leave this little one for a couple dollars. . . .  [And if money is a problem say:]
. . . . Or even pocket change.

[If they purchase a cookbook or storybook, but do not buy a "message book," give them Happiness Digest, as well.]

Types of Closes
The close is the most important part of the canvass. The purpose of a close is to bring the person to a point of decision. It is very important to know several types of closes so that you can adapt to situations. Here are a few types of closes you could use:

Set Close
We are leaving the books on a donation basis. In a bookstore sets of this nature would cost $______, but people have been helping us with $_______, or you can choose one book for $8–$12 or two books for $16–$20, etc.

Single Book Close
They told us that we could leave one as a sample for only $10–12. That way you can always get the other ones later by using the form in the back of the book. Whatever you feel more comfortable with—cash or check.

Cookbook Close
Nutritional cookbooks run $25–$30 in book stores, but people have been giving $15–$20. Many people give $20, and for only 5 more dollars you can select an additional book of your choice.

Helpful phrases
They told us that we can leave these on a donation basis. Which ones interest you the most?

They told us that we can leave these for whichever you feel more comfortable with—cash or check.

Which one did you like better: The Great Controversy or God's Answers?(It could be any two books that they seemed interested in.)

The full hardback sets range from $300–$400, but these samples are on a donation basis and you can get them today. Which ones interest you the most?

Regular books: $8–12
Cookbooks: $15–20

Sets of regular books:

2: $16–20
3: $25–30
4: $35–40
5: $45–50

Sets of regular books plus cookbooks:

2 $25–30
3 $35–40
4 $45–50
5 $55–60

Colporteur Tips

Most important
• Pray between doors
• Know your canvass
• Smile
• Place the books in their hands

Door Approach
Be friendly and smile. First impressions are very important, so you should be well-dressed and have your hair neatly combed. Treat the customer with respect and courtesy. Constantly remember that you are a representative of Jesus.

Things to remember:
• Relax
• Smile
• Look for evidence of children
(toys, swing set, etc.)
• Be confident
• Pray

• Be clear
• Be positive
• Don't worry about messing up
• Talk in a normal manner

• Assume that they will buy
• Compare our books to others
• Let them know that it is for a good cause
• Pray while they are deciding

(See section on types of closes)

Common Objections

In dealing with objections it is important that you do not panic. If the person sees you are taken back by the objection, you've lost. Treat it like it is not a problem; deal with it and move on.

"I don't have any money."
I can take a check.

"I won't have any money in my bank until payday."
You can write on your check the date you want us to cash it, so you can still get the book today.

"I don't have any time."
It will just take a couple of minutes. (Make sure that you finish quickly—unless they show interest.)

"I'm not interested."
That's OK sir. Just so you know, we are not Jehovah's Witnesses. We can leave one as a sample for only $8–12. That way you can always order more later if you want to.

"Can you come back next week?"
Yes (or it is really hard for us to come back next week); but we can even take checks or penny jars.

"I'm not a churchgoer."
Do you have any little ones? Do you like to cook?

"What are you doing this for?"
It is part of a special community project. But whatever you give helps me out personally.

"Are you a Jehovah's Witness?"
These books are put out by the same company that makes the world-famous Bible Story books. You've probably seen them in dentist or doctor's offices? And no, I'm not a Jehovah's Witness. Our books are used by almost every denomination except Jehovah's Witnesses!

After you have closed, don't say anything until after they do. It is a rule that the last one to speak wins. If they decide not to buy the book, drop down to a Happiness Digest. Or, if you closed on more than one book, drop down to the "sample copy for $8–12" close.

Book Sources:

Family Heritage Books
PO Box 232
Wildwood, GA 30757
(800) 777-2848

Remnant Publications
649 E Chicago Rd.
Coldwater, MI 49036
(800) 423-1319

Pacific Press Publishing
PO Box 5353
Nampa, ID 83653
(208) 465-2500

Note: You may need to call for information on colporteur discount prices.


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