Colporteur Connection, Part 12

How to get involved in the colporteur ministry


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by Michael Prewitt


Do you long to be a part of finishing the work of the gospel? To witness the end of sin and misery? To see God’s perfect universe finally established? To have stars in your crown?

Literature evangelism is one of the most powerful means of accomplishing these goals. In this series we have presented many aspects of the canvassing work. No doubt as you work you’ll discover many more.


Start working!
Naturally, your work will improve as you become more experienced. This means that, if you have not already done so, you need to go out and start working! It may seem slow at first, but your abilities will increase faster this way than by any other method.

You may also want to consider joining a summer colporteur program. The practical experience, as well as the spiritual growth, that these opportunities offer is a tremendous blessing for anyone, but especially for beginning "LEs" (literature evangelists). To find a summer LE program near you, contact your conference publishing secretary. Most programs are for high school or college-age youth. If you are younger, consider asking to go along as an observer or at least sit in on their training sessions.

Literature evangelist training sessions are also available at many camp meetings. These aren’t just for adults. By attending, you can pick up many valuable ideas, techniques, and pointers.

Read Colporteur Ministry, and you will receive important counsel! As you read, look for principles and practical ideas you can bring into your work. Gospel Workers and Christian Service also contain good counsel for those involved in any type of ministry.


The reward!
What are the benefits of working as a colporteur? You will learn how to work with people—not only when canvassing, but in any activity or occupation. You will have the opportunity to earn money while doing something truly productive. You will understand, perhaps more fully, that honest work does bring real, lasting satisfaction and happiness. As you witness to others and study how to present truth effectively with the love of Christ, you will also grow spiritually.

But besides all of these, there is another benefit—too often overlooked—that outweighs every other: You will be in the work of winning souls for Christ, and pointing the way to the Kingdom of Heaven! One day you will have the privilege of meeting these souls again, and knowing that you played a special part in leading them to their Redeemer, to spend eternity with Christ and all His followers. This is the greatest payoff of all!



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"The redeemed will meet and recognize those whose attention they have directed to the uplifted Saviour. What blessed converse they will have with these souls! ‘I was a sinner,’ it will be said, ‘without God and without hope in the world; and you came to me, and drew my attention to the precious Saviour as my only hope. And I believed in Him. I repented of my sins, and was made to sit together with His saints in heavenly places in Christ Jesus’ " (Gospel Workers, page 518).