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Balanced & Beautiful

by Laurel Damsteegt

A wonderful and balanced study on the principles of modesty and dress.

Colporteur Connection

by Michael Prewitt

A practical guide to getting involved in colporteur ministry! "Who-ME? A colporteur? I could never do that!" Read on as the author explains how he got involved in colporteur ministry-and how you can do the same. Whether or not you've ever gone canvassing or even considered it, you'll gain lots of insight and ideas from these articles. Complete with insiders' tips, inspiring testimonies, book resources, and much more!

Forbidden Fruit

by Nicole Crosier Parker

A warm California breeze floated through the open kitchen window, bringing with it the rich scent of orange blossoms. Inside, the Bradley family gathered around the kitchen table, enjoying breakfast and discussing the plans for the day. . . (read on)

Science And The Spirit

by Dane and Vicki Griffin

Fun and fact filled articles on 20 different health issues facing young people today.