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Health Helps Part 4

By Dane and Vicki Griffin

 Bills. Every family receives them. They usually demand payment in a few short days. Stuffing them in a drawer doesn’t make them go away, either. In fact, if a bill is ignored, another one usually comes in a few weeks, demanding payment with interest.

The same applies to health. If we ignore its laws, we can expect to receive the bill with interest—unnecessary pain, disability, and disease, instead of health, happiness, and even life itself!

Paying the price—with interest

Cancer. Every 30 seconds, another American is diagnosed with cancer. Every 55 seconds, an American dies of cancer. That’s over 1,500 people a day! And more than 85% of these cancers are caused by either smoking or poor diet choices.

Heart Disease. Every 25 seconds someone suffers a heart attack, and every 45 seconds someone dies of heart disease. According to Dr. Scott Grundy, a heart disease researcher at the University of Texas, a high fat diet is the cause of most of the heart disease in this country.
Diabetes. A new diabetic is diagnosed every 50 seconds. The cause, again, is most often related to diet and other lifestyle choices.

More! Many other diseases are related to lifestyle, including strokes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and even some types of senility. In fact, researchers have discovered that lifestyle diseases cause more deaths each year than homicides, suicides, auto accidents, and war casualties combined!

Sad fact!

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is the major culprit. Americans are eating too much sugar, animal fat and protein, and not enough fresh fruits, whole grains, vegetables, beans, and nuts.

God’s bonus plan

God has some wonderful pills for what ails us—and they are not expensive or nasty-tasting! Science is “blooming” with one exciting discovery after another about the benefits of a plant-based diet. For example, Dr. John Potter, the director of the University of Minnesota’s Cancer Prevention Research Unit, has discovered that plant foods contain powerful “phytochemicals” which not only prevent cancer, but also fight it.

 How about heart disease? The American Medical Association states that 97% of coronary occlusions, or plaque blockages in the arteries, could be prevented by a vegetarian diet. And if there is already coronary artery disease, the American Dietetics Association has good news: A vegetarian diet, along with stress management and exercise, can reverse the disease without using a single drug!

 Vegetable meals centered around baked or steamed potatoes, brown rice, beans, or pasta fill you up—not out, and are heavy on satisfaction, low in fat, and balanced in protein.

Abundant life

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy” (John 10:10). Satan wants to steal your health, rob you of vitality, and destroy your usefulness on this earth. But Christ came to give us life, and a more abundant one at that! God’s original diet, found in Genesis 1:29, is still the best. Science is proving what God told us all along!



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