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February 18– 24, 2024

Blessings for the Peacemakers

Topic: The Sermon on the Mount
Memory Text: Matthew 5:9
Project: Memory: Matthew 5:9

Key Points: What does the Bible call Jesus in Isaiah 9:6?

How can we have peace with God? (Romans 5:1).

Are there conditions for obtaining this peace? (Isaiah 48:18). Is there a reward for those who love God's law? (Psalm 119:165).

What kind of peace do the wicked have? (Isaiah 57:20-21). What kind of peace is promised in Isaiah 26:3?).

What does Jesus have to say about peacemakers in this week's memory text? (Matthew 5:9).

How can you be a peacemaker? “You may be a peacemaker, whatever may be your circumstances. . . . Open your hearts, and let the Lord Jesus in. . . . His sacred presence will create a pure atmosphere in the home and in the church. If He abides with us, sweet music will come from our hearts, and our prayer and praise circle will be enlarged. Have little Bible classes among yourselves, and make them interesting. Go out and behold God in nature, and when you glorify God, He will honor you” (The Youth’s Instructor,

January 9, 1896).