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June 16– 22, 2024

Fruits of Love

Topic: The Sermon on the Mount
Memory Text: Matthew 7:21
Project: Memory: Mattew 6:20-21

Key Points: A person who receives instruction from God and then gives it to others can be called a prophet. Prophets speak “in the name of the Lord” (James 5:10). A false prophet is someone who pretends to speak in the name of the Lord. What does Matthew 7:15 say about false prophets?

Just because someone can preach an amazing sermon or perform miracles, does that mean they're a true prophet? (Matthew 24:24).

How can we discern true and false teaching? Look at the results, or "fruit." (Matthew 7:16-20).

Some people say, “Lord, Lord,” as if they were very spiritual; but who will enter His Kingdom? See Matthew 7:21-22, and Ezekiel 33:31.

If we are truly God’s children, we will love Him. (Mark 12:30). What is evidence that we love God? (John 14:15).

When we love God, He makes His abode, or home, with us (John 14:23). In fact, abiding in Christ is the secret to obedience! When Jesus abides with us, He takes our sin and fills us with His love, kindness, tenderness, and sympathy. It becomes our joy to do what Jesus asks of us. Then we can be sure we are His disciples.